Luke Brooks Mature One Shot

*contains mature content*

You wake up to a ray of sunshine peaking through your curtains. The sun was high in the sky. It slightly blinds you as you force the window open, breathing in the crisp air. You look down and see your arrogant neighbor, Luke. You never liked his personality because he came off as a major player.

“Morning honey, why don’t you come out and plant a nice big one right here!” He points to his cheek as he shouts up to you. You roll your eyes and slam your window shut. Opening your wardrobe, slipping on a bikini.

Running down the stairs you grab a towel and slip outside to your backyard pool. You never thought Luke wasn’t good looking, he was just full of himself. Although, at moments, he could be very sweet and charming.

You try to make your appearance as quiet as possible, since you and Luke are neighbors, and the only thing separating your yards is a low picket fence. Placing your towel down you start to put on sun lotion. The dust from the bottle, being in the closet for the whole year, tickled your nostrils. You shot a tiny sneeze, whipping your head forward. When you raise your head, you see a fit silhouette. You squint your eyes, but you know who it is.

“I thought I heard you coming out sweet cheeks, you wanna take me up on my offer?” He’s directly across from you, on the other side of the pool.

“Go away Luke.” You yell, and return on your back.

“Go where?” He said sarcastically, “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you, let me go over there. My hearing’s gotten bad, you know, with the screaming fans and all…” With that he stripped off his white shirt and perfectly dives into the pool.

You sat up in surprise and got on your feet, ready to kick him off your property. As he got to your side of the pool he flicked his hair up, causing water to shower all over you.

“Luke!” you shout as you hold your hands up and cringe at the cold water hitting you. He lifted himself out of the pool and hovered over you.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” He grabbed you and hugged you tightly. Trying to struggle out of his grasp, you slipped and slid in his arms, due to his wet skin. You tried to get free but ended up with your bodies touching and faces inches from each other.

“Luke, You got me all wet.” You looked up into his eyes, giving up and slumping your shoulders, as his large hands were wrapped all the way around your back. His arms were so long, his right hand rested on your left side, and his left hand rested on your right side. Luke smirked,

“Just how I wanted you.” He laughed a bit at the sexual innuendo.

“You know that’s not what I meant. God, Luke, sometimes you can be so immature.” You stared at his defined collarbones and stuttered a bit. Luke leaned to your ear.

“You know you love it. You crave the attention I give you. Just admit it, (Y/N), you want me. You want me to own you. Ever since my mum bought this house right next to you. And I’ll be honest… I like the view.”  Luke turned your chin towards your room window, then to his, directly across each other.

“You don’t.” You exclaimed.

“I can’t resist.” He moved both his hands down to your bottom and gave a little squeeze. He closed the gap between your lips and controllingly held your head in both of his hands. As the kissing got deeper, he slid his tongue across your bottom lip before exploring your mouth with it. You mimicked his actions, now that he confronted your secret desire for him, what was the point of struggling now?

He played with the tie on the back of your bikini. Placing your hand on his damp chest, you push him away, and separate your lips from his.

“What’s wrong?” He furrowed his brows.

“Not outside.” you innocently looked up to him. Luke scanned the perimeter, until he finally laid his eyes on your pool shed. You traced his glare and laughed. He grabbed the back of your thighs and lifted them up, you wrapped them around his straight waist and chained your hands around his neck, pressing your torso on his.

He carried you to the short distance to the shed and flung the plastic doors open. Pinning you on the wall he reached for the doors and closed them, returning to your mouth. Hitting back floaties and pool noodles he laid you on the stacked up lounge chairs.

“Where were we?” Even though it was dark, you could still see a smile form on the corner of his mouth. You sat up, resting on your elbows, making it easier for him to reach behind and pluck the string to release half of your top.

He did the same to the other knot on your neck and threw the top in back of him. He planted kisses on your neck, his wet curls tickling your neck, giving you goosebumps.

You let out a quiet moan. Luke migrated his kisses down the middle of your breasts and past your bellybutton, stopping at the top of your bottoms, shooting back up to your mouth, curving his body above you, moving with every kiss. He smashed his hips on yours and you both simultaneously groaned.

“L-Larry.” you whimpered you could feel him growing on you as he rested his pelvis on top of yours, never stopping to take a breather.

You lifted your knees up and shuffled his swim shorts off with your feet, skillfully. He finally stopped and looked at you with a huge smile and raised eyebrows as if surprised by your skill. Looking at him you raised your eyebrows, as if praising yourself. He twirled his fingers on each side of your bottoms and slid them off easily.

The shed became hotter and you became dizzy. Sweat beads formed on Luke’s forehead as you two became as close as humanly possible. A noodle fell and slammed on Luke’s back, causing him to fall towards you, but he caught himself on the side of the lounge chair.

The weight of the two of you caused the stack to wobble and topple over. You fell with it and landed on blown up floaties. Laughing it off, Luke lifted off of you and teased you, by rubbing your opening with his crouch. Frustraited, and impatient with the wasted time, you reach over and grab his back, pulling him forward.

“Patientence is a virtue.” He giggled, before filling you with his length. At first his thrusts were scattered, as a result of him adjusting to you, then they became controlled and slow.

“Faster.” You demanded. He nodded and picked up the pace, grunting. You dug your fingers in his back and arched your hips up in pleasure “Luke!” you screamed at the top of your lungs. Since he was already so large, it wasn’t hard for him to hit your g-spot.

He bent over and sucked on your neck. Sending you into a great euphoria, making you arch your back and hook your feet behind his back. He managed to get in three large thrusts before he, too, reached his climax.

Pulling out of you he immediately returned his shorts on, exited the shed and jumped into your pool. You put your bikini back on and stood in the plastic door frame of the shed, then slowly walked to the edge of the pool.

“Next time.” He continued, now staring up at you, “You should think about getting curtains!” He shot out of the water, grabbing your calves and pulling you in the pool.

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